Tips for First-Time Rock Climbers

Rock climbing is getting popular throughout the world. Apart from being an intimidating hobby or sport, climbing requires special skills. Most of the people don’t even know the basics of climbing.

If you want to become a professional climber, you need to learn some basic techniques to start rock climbing. To assist you, here are the essential tips that you should follow to feed your climbing passion.

Safety is the First Priority

Just like any other adventure sport, rock climbing is also a dangerous act to do. In order to keep yourself safe, make sure to follow the safety precautions. You must wear proper safety gear and use high-quality hanging ropes.

Besides the safety gear, there are numerous other accessories, which you should consider to ensure your safety. You must also listen to the advice of a professional or senior climber. This is so, as it takes years to learn how to use the ropes and other equipment.

Using your Feet When Climbing

Although this is one of the essential aspects of rock climbing, most of the climbers overlook this factor. Since the lower part of our body is much strong as compared to the upper part, we should use our legs and feet while climbing the rocks.

Give your Muscles a Break

While hanging over the cliffs, make sure to keep your arms straight. Moreover, try to stay close to the rocks so that your muscles can relax for a while and restore the energy for the next move. This will allow you to cover more distance without getting exhausted.

Establish a Core

You should try to build a strong core with a view to gain stability and balance when hanging beside the rock. This will give you the opportunity to climb even the toughest rocks with minimum effort and energy.

Breathe Properly

If you have tried climbing, you may have experienced the issue of Elvis’ leg. This is a condition where your legs start to shake involuntarily. This usually happens when you are tired and the body is lacking a considerable amount of oxygen.

To avoid this, try to take a deep breath with each move. Moreover, practice breathing deeply with each move. You can learn how to take a deep breath over the course of time. It will also help you to focus more on climbing and keep your mind relaxed.

Try Self-Talking

Climbing requires a great deal of commitment and mental strength. For this purpose, you should keep talking to you, telling your mind that you can do it. This is the best tip to overcome your fears.

Take into Account the Safety of other Climbers

While climbing, you should also be aware of the other climbers. This is one of the most followed etiquettes of rock climbing. When climbing, make sure you don’t drop your gear or rocks on the climbers below.

Moreover, when climbing in a group, try to be vigilant and keep an eye on the other climbers. You must maintain a proper distance from other climbers to avoid an accident. This allows you to work as a perfect team member who not only performs well but also takes the care of other climbers.