The Ultimate Guide To Choosing a Lawn Bowl


A definitive manual for picking a yard bowl.

Choosing a yard bowl is an individual thing and there are various variables to consider while picking a bowl. There are currently more than 30 unique models accessible in the UK, each with an alternate predisposition, in eight sizes (00-6), four loads (medium, medium weighty, substantial and additional hefty), with in any event six distinct kinds of hold, also the immense range of tones. Maybe obviously, the quantity of bowlers who are playing with some unacceptable measure or get lost before they even beginning is significant.

Ideally beneath I’ve responded to a few, if not the entirety of your inquiries, which will empower you to settle on an educated decision about which set of bowls will suit you best.


Believe it or not the brand is the most un-significant factor when purchasing a lot of bowls. Regularly club players will contend the benefits of one make over another. Truly the entirety of the dishes makers produce a wide scope of good quality items which adjust to standard set somewhere near World Bowls and pretty much every bowler will have the option to locate the correct bowl for them.

Most settled bowlers will have an individual inclination which regularly occurs by evaluating various dishes either by having a go with a clubmate’s or at their neighborhood bowls retailer. Picking a specific model will rely upon what suits you best – regardless of whether you plan to play inside and outside or you need a bowl explicitly for quicker indoor greens.

There are a few producers of yard bowls in the UK. The models are appeared in sections.

• Taylor Bowls (Lazer, Vector VS, Blaze, Ace, International, Legacy SL, Lignoid)

• Henselite (Dreamline, Tiger II, Classic II, Tiger, Classic)

• Drakes Pride (Advantage, Fineline, Professional, Jazz)

• Almark (Sterling Gold, Sterling Slim-Line, Arrow)


Estimating your bowl is maybe the most significant part of choosing a yard bowl. Fail to understand the situation and you’ll either be hitting the contrary saving money with a crash or dropping it at your feet. As a guide, most men will play with a bowl between the extents of 3 and 5, with 3 being the more modest bowl of the two. Women will ordinarily play with bowls somewhere in the range of 00 and 2 in size, again with 00 being the more modest of the two.

The most mainstream strategy for figuring out which size is best for you is to utilize two hands to traverse your center fingers and thumb around the running surface (the smooth territory around the focal point of the bowl with the goal that your thumbs contact at the lower part of the bowl and your center fingers meet at the top to frame a circle. In the event that you can accomplish this without an over the top hole at the head of the bowl this will presumably be the right size of bowl for you.

Yet, I would suggest attempting a couple of different techniques notwithstanding guarantee that you have the correct size. Take the bowl generally fit to you utilizing the past technique and two further dishes – one a size underneath and the other a size above. Taking each bowl thus, hold it as though going to convey – with it sitting agreeable in the palm of your hand (contingent upon your inclination) and your fingers set in the grasps – swing your arm forward and in reverse. On the off chance that you feel like the bowl may come slamming down, at that point it is clearly too large yet on the off chance that you can keep up a firm and serenely hold, at that point this is another tick in the case.

In conclusion, I would request that the bowler stretch their arm out before them, holding the bowl topsy turvy. On the off chance that following 30 seconds your arm starts to throb or shake, it is presumably too enormous for you. Assuming nonetheless, you keep up a firm and agreeable grasp, this will affirm that this is without a doubt the right size of bowl for you. You may even prefer to attempt similar schedules with the following size up to guarantee that you’re not playing with a bowl that is excessively little – you ought to consistently play with the biggest and heaviest bowl that you’re ready to serenely convey and control.


As a rule there are two loads – medium and substantial – albeit a few producers do offer medium weighty and additional hefty as choices. The heaviness of a bowl is shown by the number and letter on the bowl, for example 3H is a size three bowl with a weighty weight, 2M is a size two with a medium weight. In the UK many bowlers own two sets – a heavyweight set for the quicker indoor surfaces and a medium weight set for the more slow open air greens.

The distinction in weight ought to be considered close by the size of the bowl as far as what occurs during a match. A heavier bowl absolutely has its points of interest as it will have more force and is bound to hold fast in the head. In the event that it’s agreeable for the bowler to hold and convey I would consistently suggest purchasing a heavier bowl regardless of what size they have picked.

Indoor or open air?

On the off chance that you fundamentally play inside, at that point I would suggest a bowl with a smaller inclination, for example, a Taylor Lazer, Vector VS or Blaze, a Henselite Classic II or Tiger Pro or a Drakes Pride Fineline or Advantage. Else you could end up focusing on the most distant finish of the following arena all together for the bowl to swing back to the head.

Except if obviously you’re a certain bowler, incline toward a more extensive inclination or play at the back end, in which case you may likewise consider a Taylor Ace or International, a Henselite Tiger or Tiger II or a Drakes Pride Professional or Jazz.

In case you’re a hardier variety and spend your mid year appreciating the pleasures of the British summer then the inclination of the bowl is less significant except if you play at number three or skip when you may need to arrange your way around different dishes.


Picking the predisposition of your bowl generally relies upon whether you are an indoor or open air bowler and what position you play two by two, triples or fours (arenas). On the off chance that you to a great extent play inside, at that point I would suggest a smaller inclination. However, on the off chance that you bowl outside a more extensive predisposition is probably going to suit your requirements.

In case you’re simply beginning in the game I would encourage you to begin with a bowl with a thin to medium inclination as you will likely be approached to play at number a couple of where your essential assignment is to get as near the jack as could reasonably be expected. Playing in these positions will likewise offer you a chance to discover your line and weight.

Bowls with a tight to medium predisposition (best for indoor) include:

• Taylor Bowls (Lazer, Vector VS, Blaze, Ace)

• Henselite (Dreamline, Tiger II, Classic II)

• Drakes Pride (Advantage, Fineline, Professional)

• Almark (Arrow, Sterling Slimline)

Bowls with a medium to wide inclination (best for outside) include:

• Taylor Bowls (Ace, International, Legacy SL, Lignoid)

• Henselite (Classic II, Classic, Tiger)

• Drakes Pride (Professional, Jazz)

• Almark (Sterling Slimline, Sterling Gold)

By and large, an indoor bowl is intended to have a much smaller predisposition, while an outside bowl generally has excessively wide a swing for use inside and can be hard to control. At the point when I state indoor dishes I am not alluding to short tangle bowls – you could pull off utilizing your indoor or outside dishes in a round of short tangle yet there are bowls planned explicitly for this organization of the game – Stevens and Drakes Pride being the better known.

In the event that you search Google Images utilizing the terms taylor inclination diagram, henselite predisposition outline, drakes pride predisposition graph and almark predisposition outline you will discover a diagram which delineates the inclination (the lines which the dishes take) of each bowl in the producer’s scope of bowls.


Grasps are the indented rings or spaces around the sides of the bowl that offer some place to put your thumb and fingers while conveying. These give a safer grasp and better control, especially in cold and wet or hot, sweat-soaked conditions. In the event that you mostly bowl inside, at that point the grasps are less significant.

There are different kinds of grasp (profound dimple, shallow dimple, progrips, bow grooves, vertical depressions) accessible relying upon the maker and model, so I would recommend evaluating bowls with various holds before arriving at a choice. Once more, in the event that you have a place with a club inquire as to whether you can have a move up with their dishes to improve thought of what is more agreeable and fit to your style of bowling.


Initially all dishes were produced using hard lignum wood and were thusly earthy colored in shading. At the point when structure bowls were presented they were perpetually dark. Today, bowls are accessible in very nearly 50 tones, shades and designs and despite the fact that they are somewhat more costly the hole in cost is narrowing. The shade of your dishes is an absolutely close to home decision.


Another arrangement of bowls will cost somewhere in the range of £160 and £230, so except if the client is sure that they recognize what they need, we would consistently suggest that tenderfoots buy a recycled set for somewhere in the range of £30 and £120. These can frequently be bought through your club noticeboard, a few retailers or then again view Ebay where there is consistently a sound supply of recycled bowls available to be purchased. However long they are not over 15 years of age (you can decide the age by looking at the oval or rectangular stamp on the bowl – the maker’s 10-year ensure stamp) and no genuine scratches or gouges (minor surface scratches won’t influence execution) they will suit your motivation. Also, should you along these lines choose to change your dishes, a recycled set will possibly lose a small amount of its unique cost when you come to sell them on.

With countless dishes available, I would consistently propose looking for guidance from an expert dishes retailer and if conceivable ask whether you may have the option to attempt the model you wish to buy. Here and there bowls shops based inside indoor fields hold tests that can be attempted.

At long last, whatever bowls you pick they’ll just actually be on a par with the player. Bowls can be the most fulfilling or disappointing game. One day you’ll bowl the resistance off the green and the following you won’t get inside six feet of the jack. It tends to be as rankling as it is fulfilling.

An enormous aspect of the game, in whatever format.