Swimming Tips for First Timers

Swimming is a perfect recreation sport and a great way to keep your body fit and active. If you are planning to have some fun in the pool, make sure to keep in mind some essential aspects before starting out swimming. Some of these factors include wearing specific goggles, swimming gear, and things to consider before swimming.

To make things simple and allow you to enjoy your swimming time, here are some of the best swimming tips for the first-timers.

Warm Up Properly

Just like any other sport or physical activity, you need to warm up before getting in the pool. For this purpose, you can take a short walk around the pool. In addition, you may also do some simple exercises for a few minutes. The second warm-up session includes gliding in the pool for 5 to 10 minutes. This is essential to get your body used to the water temperature.

Practice Breathing

Once you have warmed up, the next step is to do some breathing practice. This is so, as learning a proper breathing technique is important for a successful stroke. Hence, you should try perfecting your breathing to improve your swimming style.

Choosing Your Gear

Swimming gear plays a key role while learning swimming. Therefore, make sure to buy one that not only looks good but is practical as well. Look for brands that offer high-quality swimsuits and trunks at a reasonable price.

Take Good Care of Your Goggles

In order to protect your eyes from water, make sure to use special goggles. It also helps you to swim correctly. However, mist may develop in your goggles after using them for a longer period. To avoid this, use de-misting fluid before starting your swimming.

Use Shaded Goggles when Swimming Outdoors

While enjoying open water swimming in a river or lake, it would be appropriate to use goggles with shaded lenses. By doing so, you can protect your eyes from the harmful effects of sunlight. Moreover, you will get a clear vision when swimming in the direction of sunrays.

Try Wearing Lined Top

If your body takes more time to get warmed up in the water, try wearing lined top. You will experience a pleasant change when swimming with line top. However, your top must perfectly fit your body without hindering your movement.

Swimming Cap

The chlorinated water of a pool may affect your scalp. To avoid happening this, make it a habit to wear a swimming cap. It will protect your scalp and improve your swimming.

Don’t Pack your Gear after Swimming

Putting your wet gear into a sports bag isn’t a good idea. It may damage your gear within a couple of months. The best possible solution is to use a plastic tub to drain your gear before storing it. You can buy a cheap tub that you can carry with you when going out for swimming.

Swimming Gear Needs Proper Care

It is essential to clean your kit thoroughly after every swimming session. Wash it with clean water to rinse the traits of chlorine. In this way, you can increase the overall lifespan of your swimming gear.