6 Tips for Beginner Cyclists

One of the most memorable fantasies of childhood is associated with cycling. The first time when a child tries to learn cycling, it appears to be a big achievement for him/her.  As we grow, cycling becomes a passion for most of us, until you get really old and then it becomes a hobby again, accompanied by soreness. When we relocated to Arizona, we found that we are able to ride nearly year round, which is incredible. But it has also meant getting “fixed up” after a bit of riding, which ends up that we go get a massage in Scottsdale to relieve the pain and soreness…but well worth it.

Professional cyclists learn such techniques, which improve their overall cycling experience. Even if you aren’t a professional cyclist, there is no harm in learning proper cycling techniques.  Given below are a few of such tips that you can utilize to improve your cycling performance.

Avoid Buying a Cycle Online

Buying a bike online isn’t a good idea. This is so, as you can’t buy a cycle by merely looking at some images. In fact, you have to consider various factors while buying a bike. For instance, make sure that the bike is suitable for you and fits your height and weight. Moreover, the technicians and salespersons at the local bicycle shop can also give you their expert opinion.

Tweak it for Optimum Performance

As pro cyclists customize and tweak their bikes for maximum performance, you can also make certain changes to keep your bike fit. You can make necessary adjustments to the paddles, rims, sitting posture and handlebar.

Buy a Cycling Kit

Like any other sports, cycling requires a specific kit. Things like helmet, gloves, safety gear, pedals, and shoes are some of the basic elements of a cycling kit. Although there are numerous other items available in the market, most of them are for the professional cyclists. Hence, it is not necessary for you to buy such items. By investing wisely, it is possible to keep your cycling hobby least expensive.

Think about Joining a Cycling Club

It is better to join a cycling club, if possible. Some people may be reluctant to join such a group, as they think they will just point out their mistakes. But this isn’t true for all cycling clubs, as most of them welcome beginners.

By joining such a club, you can learn from the experiences of senior bikers and improve your performance. You will be able to enhance the technical specifications of your bike by taking advice from the group members.

Choose Comfortable Saddle

It is quite normal for cyclists to experience saddle comfort. Mostly, pro cyclists try out various saddle styles until they reach an ideal option. However, you can’t buy different saddles just to look for an ideal choice. On the contrary, the best way to choose a saddle is to look for retailers who offer test rides.

Learn Basic Cycling Techniques

Before you go out on cycling trails, make sure to learn some pro techniques. This is essential for your own safety and that of other cyclists. For instance front brake is effective than rear, but you can’t use it abruptly. For a perfect braking, learn to use both brakes in a required combination.

Furthermore, while cornering it is important to lower the speed before coming too close to the turn. It allows you to clear the corners without any issue. For tight corners, make sure to lift up your inside knee and keep your weight outwards to maintain a balance.